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The purpose of this site is to compile a list of resources for those interested in the natural trumpet from among many scattered web sites. References to any additional resources, either on or off line, should be forwarded to: DBAUM@GOUCHER.EDU.
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Last update: 6/28/05
Books - Here are some books which discuss the natural trumpet to some degree. Many are out of print, so check your library.
Journals and Articles - A number of scholarly journals devote some of their pages to the natural trumpet.  Here are a few of the most generous: Each individual Journal's web site often includes an index of the contents of that journal. An index of articles before 1990 is contained in Fasman, Mark J., Brass Bibliography, Indiana Press, Bloomington (1990).  An index for articles which appeared after 1988 has been made available on-line by Dr David Lasocki (see below).

On-line Resources
Natural Trumpet Methods
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Players & Ensembles You may also wish to visit Brad Leissa's PIPE LIST.

Only publicly available e-mail addresses and web pages are listed here. 

Makers of Reproduction Natural Trumpets - The quality and degree of authenticity of these instruments vary a great deal; some are hand-made using only techniques available in the baroque era, while others are made of modern bells and tubing soldered together. Some use vent holes to help correct intonation and increase security, others do not.
For more information about a specific maker, consult: Nussbaum, Jeffery, A Survey of Trumpet Makers World-Wide, HBSNL 14, 12 (2001). There is additional information in the advertisement section of the HBS web site.

 Goucher College does not endorse any of the makers listed, although the author of this page has some opinions.

Dealers and Shops (New and Used) Makers of accessories include: Only publicly available e-mail and web site addresses are listed here.

Music Editions - Here are a few on-line catalogs. Be careful of arrangements and the like, but do not rule out editions simply because they are listed as being for Bb trumpets; these are often perfectly acceptable editions which are merely transposed.

Neither Goucher College nor the author of this page endorses any of the vendors/publishers listed.

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